If there’s one feature you can introduce to your garden to help wildlife; it’s a pond. Almost regardless of how large a patch you have, introducing a bit of still water absolutely transforms your garden in terms of its value to living things.

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Chemical Free Gardening

Chemical Free Gardening

There are four groups of animals which can act as natural predators for the pests we often get in our garden. Encouraging these four animal groups into your garden, vegetable patch or allotment will help to control pests without having to resort to chemicals. Read more

Extended Care of Natural Wooden & Brushwood Habitats

Hedgehog House

All wildlife habitats should be checked annually for any damage or deterioration.  Re-paint with water-based paints, tighten loose fixings or make repairs as necessary to keep the habitat in safe and well-maintained condition, as you would your own home space.  Clean out bird houses in Autumn and clean & sterilise bird feeders, tables and bird baths regularly to maintain good bird hygiene.

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