Top Ten Gifts for Wildlife Friendly Gardeners this Christmas

Looking for the perfect present for a friend or relative who’s always out and about in their garden, veg patch or allotment? Wildlife World sells a huge variety of wildlife friendly feeders and habitats to encourage the birds and the bees into your garden – as well as butterflies, hedgehogs, ladybirds, bats… the list goes on. From prices starting at less than a tenner – perfect for stocking fillers – to high tech wildlife cameras and professional hides, there’s something for everyone this Christmas.

Robin Teapot Nester

Robin Teapot Nester, £18.99
The first item on our list had to feature a robin – it is Christmas after all! Our ceramic Robin Teapot Nester has been specifically designed to encourage these festive birds into our gardens. Robins prefer to nest in open fronted sites and often make use of man-made items like discarded flowerpots. Its glazed green exterior allows it to blend into your garden but still look pretty and attractive.

Ceramic Robin Bird Feeder

Ceramic Robin Feeder, £12.99
Whilst we’re on the subject of Christmas robins, our Ceramic Robin Feeder is a joy to watch as all species of small garden bird, not just robins, enjoy perching and feeding. This is an easy to clean feeder that’s suitable for all weathers and an incredibly pretty present for anyone who enjoys watching the birds in their garden.

Brushwood Robin Nester

Brushwood Nester, £11.99
Designed by TV naturalist, Simon King, the Brushwood Robin Nester is one of our best-selling products year on year. It’s been designed with robins in mind as, like the Teapot Nester, it offers them an open fronted entrance with a concealed area inside in which the female bird can tuck herself away. A waterproof liner over the top provides weatherproof protection to the birds and their chicks.

Sale! Close up of Wildlife Explorer KitYoung lady opening her Wildlife Explorer Kit

Wildlife Explorer Kit 1

£29.99 £25.00
Sale! Wildlife Explorer kit contents

Wildlife Explorer Kit 2

£29.99 £25.00

Gift Box, £21.99 to £39.99
New for this Christmas, we’ve designed six beautiful Gift Boxes each filled with different treats for garden wildlife. Choose the Luxury Bird Gift Box for birdwatchers, the Bee Care Gift Box for solitary bee fans or the Woodland Gift Box for ladybird lovers. Or simple buy all six and you’re Christmas shopping is done! Each gift box is made from cardboard which is both recycled and recyclable. And inside you’ll find it packed with natural barely straw which can be reused in the garden.


Hedgehog Care Bundle

£107.16 £79.00

Hibernation Bundle, £69.99
Whilst were on the subject of gift boxes, what about our Hedgehog Hibernation Bundle new for this autumn. Containing everything a hedgehog lover could need, including our incredibly popular Hogilo Hedgehog House that’s made from recycled second-life plastic and provides a safe, weatherproof and comfortable hibernation home or feeding station for our spikey friends. You also get a Hedgehog Crossing, a handy guide to Hedgehogs and a bag of nutritious food. Worth £107 in total, we’re selling this bundle for just £69.99.

Roost Pocket, £7.49
Another new product for this year is our Willow Basket Roost Pocket and Nester. These delightful garden features provide winter sheltering opportunities for smaller birds. So they’re a great present for garden birdwatchers. Our roost pockets are made from strong metal frames covered with a woven stem weave. Giving them a natural feel and look for both your garden and the birds who visit it. They’re best placed in foliage like hedges, ivy or trees.

Petal Feeder Yellow

Petal Feeder, £9.99
One of our best-selling bird feeders, the incredibly pretty Petal Feeder comes in three different colours and offers an inviting station for garden birds like tits and sparrows to feed from. A drainage hole at the bottom means it’s fine to leave out in the rain. A ground spike at the bottom allows them to be placed in borders, pots or the lawn.

Wildlife Camera, £149.99
If you’re looking to splash a little more cash this Christmas on a wildlife-fan, then you’d do no better than a Wireless Outdoor Wildlife Camera. This is a fantastic gadget which allows you to download an App onto your phone and watch clips of the wildlife visiting your garden. It produces colour video during the day, and infrared red images at night – so you won’t miss a thing. And you can leave it out in the wind and the rain.

Shenstone Theatre Bird Bath

Shenstone Bird Bath, £29.99
A bird bath is a simple but incredibly effective way of encouraging birds into your garden whilst at the same time providing a much-needed respite area. But it’s not only birds that can drink from it. The Shenstone has been specifically designed with steps to allow insects and bees to drink from the bath as well. Making this a great overall gift for wildlife lovers.

Ultimate Wildlife Hide

Wildlife Hide, £229.99
Really want to treat someone this Christmas. Take a look at the Simon King Ultimate Wildlife Hide. As the name suggests this is the ultimate gift for wildlife fans this Christmas. Designed by Simon himself, with years of experience as a wildlife cameraman, this is an award-winning hide that’s easy to carry and put up and offers excellent opportunities for wildlife photographers and watchers alike.

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