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How to choose the best Hedgehog House for your garden

With spring now in full swing and summer fast approaching, now is a good time to consider how you can give hedgehogs a helping hand by creating a friendly, fit-for-purpose Hedgehog Habitat in your garden.

Choosing the correct wildlife home for your garden can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together a guide on how to choose the right Hedgehog House for your garden.

Hedgehog Igloo

The wicker Igloo Hedgehog House offers hedgehogs and other mammals a safe retreat from the many hazards of modern life – including garden strimmers, forks and tools, pets and other predators such as badgers and foxes.


  • This is an attractive Hedgehog Habitat with a natural entrance.
  • The strong steel frame is lined with an internal waterproof membrane to prevent moisture entering the habitat.


  • Has a natural brushwood finish
  • There is a large internal space for more than one hedgehog
  • Has a short predator deterring tunnel
  • Can be pegged down on the steel frame if owners have boisterous dogs or nighttime badger visits.
  • A very popular hedgehog house
  • Very good value


  • Requires additional cover in winter during the hibernation periods * this is detailed in the instructions which are included with the product
  • The natural brushwood will degrade after 3 to 4 years. Additional local brushwood need to be added to the structure by weaving into the frame wire-work.
  • Has an open floor which may be advantageous in colder areas as the hedgehogs will be able to build their nest from natural materials within the confines of the protective outer shelter. This can also facilitate / encourage natural insect food to the space.

Hogitat Hedgehog Habitat

This a value, easy to install and easy to maintain hedgehog house which is often sold as a Care Pack For Hedgehogs


  • An ideal retreat and shelter for Hedgehogs
  • Has a strong steel frame with waterproof material to reduce / prevent dampness
  • This is one of the first hedgehog habitats to ever to be produced. The designed is highly effective and remains popular.
  • Made from a natural brushwood finish
  • Easy to site
  • The entrance tunnel provides a deterrent to predators


  • Has a medium internal size / space.

Rattan or natural brushwood style hedgehog houses with an open bottom are not suitable for Hedgehog Rescue Centres.
We recommend Hedgehog Rescue Centres use wooden Hedgehog Houses where the roof can be opened when wanting to check on or inspect recuperating hedgehogs.

Hogilo Hedgehog House (second life recycled plastic and wood house)

The Hogilo is designed to offer hedgehogs a safe and long lasting refuge and has become the choice of the Hedgehog Preservation Society for rehabilitating hogs and for re-releases.



  • A unique hedgehog House which is made from ‘second life’ farm bale wrap and FSC certified wood.
  • With it’s side entrance, the design is totally different to other Hedgehog Houses on the market.
  • It has a good internal size and a higher roof than most hedgehog Houses.
  • The drop down swivel lid is easy to open and secure which makes it a popular house for hedgehog carers injured, ill or small hogs.
  • The materials used give this house excellent durability and long-life potential.
  • A ‘top-of-the-range’ hedgehog House.


  • More expensive than brushwood hedgehog houses

At the moment we have an amazing offer on the Hogilo which includes everything you need for caring for hedgehogs in your garden!

Hedgehog Feeder / House (Epping Hedgehog Rescue design)

From a design by Epping Hedgehog Rescue, this hedgehog feeder/house is primarily designed for safe feeding. For each sale we make a donation to BHPS.


  • Originally designed by Epping Hedgehog Rescue as a hedgehog feeder, this Hedgehog Feeder / House is now used by many as a hedgehog house as well as a feeder.
  • Very sturdy construction with an internal wall to deter cats and foxes from accessing the food
  • There a large wide roof which covered in felt and hinged for easy opening to inspect, add food bowls etc.
  • Very popular with carers who need to check on hedgehogs in their care.
  • Made from fully certified FSC timber which is an environmental plus.
  • Has support for hedgehog organisations.


  • Not commonly available
  • Although expensive due to the durable construction, it is an effective and popular product.

Lastly,  a hedgehog needs access to your garden to be able to use your hedgehog house…

Hedgehog Crossing

Wildlife World have created a Hedgehog Crossing to facilitate access and inter-garden connectivity to boost hedgehog survival.

Hedgehog Crossing

This tunnel is used to strengthen and reinforce your garden fence after cutting a hole. This allows free passage of hedgehogs to neighbouring gardens or wildlife areas. Hedgehogs can travel a mile a night to feed and also to need to meet mates to breed. Hedgehog highways are considered to be one of the most important things that you can do to help hedgehogs in your garden and neighbourhood.

This innovation hedgehog crossing is made from second-life recycled plastic,  pre-drilled with four holes for fixing to any wooden fence structure. It comes complete with instructions and guidance on how to fit it to your fence.

Note: The tunnel kit does not contain fixings as this will be specific to your fence type. The tunnel can be used singly on your side of the fence or can be paired up (fitted on both sides of the fence) to provide a stronger crossing structure.

It’s always worth discussing options and activities with your neighbours to explore ways  to jointly help and support our declining hedgehog population?


Rattan or natural brushwood style hedgehog houses with an open bottom are not suitable for Hedgehog Rescue Centres.

We recommend Hedgehog Rescue Centres use wooden Hedgehog Houses where the roof can be opened when wanting to check on or inspect recuperating hedgehogs.

All set up with a home for the hedgehogs? Do you need food for them? Take a look at our full range of hedgehog houses and accessories.

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