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Let’s help BHPS make a difference this Hedgehog Awareness Week.  Here are some practical ideas for how you can help.

Make space for hedgehogs.  Our gardens can be a great place for hedgehogs.  Leave a secluded corner wild and introduce a hedgehog house or shelter.  Don’t be too tidy & let fallen leaves & twigs lie and leave some long grass that is ideal as cover & hedgehog nesting materials.

Feeding & watering hedgehogs in your garden.  Wildlife World sell both Spikes Food and our own brand nourish hedgehog food which are balanced supplementary foods.  In addition to our ceramic snack bowl with drainage hole, we have introduced a hedgehog water bowl which is low & shallow and perfect for hedgehogs.

Stop using slug pellets that contain Metaldehyde.  This chemical kills hedgehogs and will be banned from 2020.  It’s time to STOP the killing of hedgehogs, birds and other wildlife NOW! 

Get connected!  Establish connectivity between gardens in your neighbourhood to give hedgehogs room to roam to find food and mates.  Our hedgehog crossing made of recycled plastic provides the perfect template to cut a hole at the base of your fence and to reinforce it.

Hedgehog feedingHedgehog Snack Bowl
hedgehog water bowl
Igloo Hedgehog House
Hygiene Brush Kit
Eco Bird Box

Eco Nest Box


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