An Audience With Dan Rouse

An exclusive invitation to join us for “An Audience with Dan Rouse”

Live at 7pm, Tuesday 12th May 2020

Passionate wildlife presenter, conservationist and ornithologist, Dan will be talking all things wildlife and answering your questions in an exclusive live Zoom call limited to just ten people!


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Wildlife for Wellbeing

Girl bird watchingWith many of us spending more time at home to protect ourselves and others, we want to show you that there are some positives for anyone self-isolating. If you’re up to date on the current advice, then taking a break from the news channel can surely bring some perspective and a relief from anxiety.

So, what better time is there than this to think about the wildlife in our gardens? If you’re sat at your home office desk, or spending time in bed resting and recovering, one of the best things you can do for your mental health is to look out the window. And once you start looking, you start noticing! 


Top Tips for Using Your Wildlife Camera

Wireless Wildlife Observation Camera by Wildlife World

Wildlife trap cameras have been used by film makers and scientists for some time but it’s only in the last few years that this technology has become accessible and usable to everyone. Now we can really find out what wildlife is visiting our gardens and get a look into the secret world of the beautiful creatures we have living on our doorstep. With infrared vision, wireless connectivity and powerful mobile apps, there’s affordable tech to help you do it so here’s our top 5 tips to get the most from your wildlife camera.


How to feed your garden birds

Eco Beacon feederFebruary is peak bird feeding month. Why? Because natural food reserves have been depleted through the winter and the weather isn’t yet warm enough for the nuts, fruit and berries they naturally eat to have developed.

Find out what you can do to help the birds in your garden stay full and healthy now.


The Big Garden Bird Watch

Blue Tit

From Saturday 25th January to Monday 27th January, the RSPB is running its annual Big Garden Bird Watch.

The conservation charity wants to encourage all of us to take a moment to identify and count the birds which are visiting our gardens, local parks or nature reserves.


Five Stocking Fillers under a Fiver for Wildlife Lovers this Christmas

Looking for the perfect stocking filler for your loved one this Christmas? Look no further than Wildlife World’s top five ideas. All under a fiver and the perfect size to fit any fire-side stocking on Christmas Eve. Sure to bring a smile to the face of any wildlife loving relative and offer a gift for nature for the birds, bees and butterflies in their garden.


Top Ten Gifts for Wildlife Friendly Gardeners this Christmas

Looking for the perfect present for a friend or relative who’s always out and about in their garden, veg patch or allotment? Wildlife World sells a huge variety of wildlife friendly feeders and habitats to encourage the birds and the bees into your garden – as well as butterflies, hedgehogs, ladybirds, bats… the list goes on. From prices starting at less than a tenner – perfect for stocking fillers – to high tech wildlife cameras and professional hides, there’s something for everyone this Christmas.


How To Care For Your Nest Box

How and when to clean out a garden bird nest box

If you get a lovely sunny weekend in November, it’s a great time to get out into the garden and clean out your nest boxes. Bird Protection Law allows us to clear nests between 1st September and 31st January only. And if you do it now, then you provide yet another habitat because new birds may use the box to roost in over winter to stay dry and warm.


Solitary Bee Care Over Winter

Give your baby solitary bees the best possible start in life!

Now that your solitary bee house is full of baby bee cocoons, how can you protect them over the autumn and winter to ensure they have the best chance of survival, ready for next spring?



If there’s one feature you can introduce to your garden to help wildlife; it’s a pond. Almost regardless of how large a patch you have, introducing a bit of still water absolutely transforms your garden in terms of its value to living things.


Which Hedgehog House?

Hedgehog House

Hedgehog Houses are a year-round wildlife habitat that’s perfect for attracting hogs into your garden. 

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Chemical Free Gardening

Chemical Free Gardening

There are four groups of animals which can act as natural predators for the pests we often get in our garden. Encouraging these four animal groups into your garden, vegetable patch or allotment will help to control pests without having to resort to chemicals. Read more

Extended Care of Natural Wooden & Brushwood Habitats

Hedgehog House

All wildlife habitats should be checked annually for any damage or deterioration.  Re-paint with water-based paints, tighten loose fixings or make repairs as necessary to keep the habitat in safe and well-maintained condition, as you would your own home space.  Clean out bird houses in Autumn and clean & sterilise bird feeders, tables and bird baths regularly to maintain good bird hygiene.


Solitary Bees Begin To Emerge

The weather is warming up and spring is here.

That means, if you haven’t done already, you should start to see solitary bees emerging during April and May. After which they will mate and the females will return to the hive and lay their own eggs.

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Hedgehog Care After Hibernation

As winter starts to come to an end and warmer weather comes our way, we wanted to answer some of your questions about caring for hedgehogs when they emerge from hibernation. Find out more about what, when and how you can look after our spiky friends.

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National Nest Box Week

Brushwood Robin Nester

National Nest Box Week is organised by the British Trust for Ornithology and runs for seven days from 14th February each year.


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Winter Bird Care

It’s really important that we look after our garden birds and help them get the nutrition they need to see them through the cold winter spell and early spring. In particular, when there’s just not as much food around in the natural environment.

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