Five Stocking Fillers under a Fiver for Wildlife Lovers this Christmas

Looking for the perfect stocking filler for your loved one this Christmas? Look no further than Wildlife World’s top five ideas. All under a fiver and the perfect size to fit any fire-side stocking on Christmas Eve. Sure to bring a smile to the face of any wildlife loving relative and offer a gift for nature for the birds, bees and butterflies in their garden.

Wildflower seeds for birds

1. Wildflower Seeds, £4.39
You don’t need to own a meadow to plant wildflower seeds. Just turning over a small corner of your garden or allotment to wildflowers will help to encourage bees and other pollinating insets which in turn help with the pollination of the fruit and vegetables in your patch. But not only that, they add a gorgeous splash of colour come the spring and early summer. Wildlife World wildflower seeds have been specifically chosen to attract different species including bees, birds, butterflies and even bats with evening-flowering plants. Each pack contains native species of flower which are easy to sow and quick to bloom.

2. Species Guide, £1.49
It’s all well and good attracting more wildlife into your garden, but how can you tell what’s visiting? Wildlife World has produced a selection of UK-specific Species Guides to Butterflies, Bats, Garden Birds, Bees and Bats. The perfect present for a friend or relative wanting to know more about garden wildlife. It also offers an excellent way to get children into nature by helping them to spot and identify what’s on their doorstep. Presented in a handy, easy to use format, each guide also gives information on life cycles, habitats and conservation as well as species ID.

3. Gourmet Bird Food, £3.19 to £4.50
Wildlife World’s gourmet bird food offers the perfect stocking filler for bird lovers and those concerned about the environment. Our seed is packaged in a biodegradable cellulose liner, inside a lovely reuseable jute bag that’s an incredibly cute gift. Inside the seed mix itself is incredibly high quality and perfect for seed feeders. Available in two sizes – 200g or 750g the mix itself is selected to attract the widest range of garden birds and includes kibbled peanuts, black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, hemp and red millet. The perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner for tits, finches, robins, blackbirds and sparrows. High in essential oils, calories and proteins to keep your garden birds going this winter.

Hygiene Brush Kit

4. Hygiene Brush Kit, £3.99
Ok, not the most glamorous of Christmas stocking fillers but an excellent present for wildlife gardening fans who aren’t great at keeping on top of their cleaning duties! The Wildlife World Hygiene Cleaning Kit means it’s incredibly easy to regular clean out bird feeders, keeping them free from disease and harmful bacteria and protecting garden birds across the country. It can also be used seasonally for cleaning solitary bee hives, nest boxes and hedgehog houses. Inside the kit you’ll find two different brushes, including an extendable pipe cleaner brush and a double-ended toothbrush style brush for bird table tops, boxes and baths. Use in conjunction with hot soapy water made with environmentally friendly washing up liquid and always dry any feeders and nest boxes thoroughly before putting them back out.

Hedgehog feedingHedgehog Snack Bowl

5. Hedgehog Snack Bowl, £4.99
Encourage Britain’s most popular mammal into your garden with a Wildlife World Hedgehog Snack Bowl. Our ceramic bowl has been carefully designed to ensure little snouts can reach the food with ease. You can fill your hedgehog bowl with meat-based cat food or biscuits, or you can also purchase a cute, environmentally friendly and re-useable jute bag from us filled with nutritious Hedgehog Food that’s been formulated with the right diet for our spikey friends. The perfect present for hedgehog fans in your family and sure to make them smile once more in the spring when the weather warms and hedgehogs come out of hibernation looking for a tasty meal to fatten them up ready for breeding.

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