Extended Care of Natural Wooden & Brushwood Habitats

Hedgehog House

All wildlife habitats should be checked annually for any damage or deterioration.  Re-paint with water-based paints, tighten loose fixings or make repairs as necessary to keep the habitat in safe and well-maintained condition, as you would your own home space.  Clean out bird houses in Autumn and clean & sterilise bird feeders, tables and bird baths regularly to maintain good bird hygiene.

Cleaning Bird table
Scraping tool in use

Older brushwood hedgehog houses should be checked for damage or loss of natural brushwood material over time.  Extra cover can be add in the form of natural branches, brushwood or leaves to bulk it up.  Remove any sharp edges and any loose or unravelled wires to ensure hedgehog spines or toes cannot get caught.  To further extend the safe use of any aging brushwood house a ‘soft living kit’ may be fitted that covers the lower edge of the house.

Soft Living Kit

This solution is ideal for extending the life of a brushwood hedgehog house.  The padded insulation clamps easily round the edge the house in contact with the ground requiring no additional fixings & providing a soft internal barrier.  The house can still be pegged down to provide protection from boisterous dogs or badgers.

The soft living kit is available to buy with free postage from our webshop. Code HSLK


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