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Often called the 'birdwatcher's insect', dragonflies and damselflies are large and charismatic insects with a distinctive flight pattern.

Dragonfly and damselfly identification in the field can initially be daunting, but with practice most British species can be identified when in flight.

This 12-panel laminated fold-out chart covers 16 damselfly species and 28 dragonfly species. Separate images are given for the male and female forms of most species and accompanying text provides extra background information on life-cycle and feeding.

This chart is part of the FSC's range of fold-out charts, designed to help users identify of a wide range of plants and animals. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups. Each chart is laminated to make it shower-proof and robust for use outdoors.

This is the ideal guide to keep handy for British dragonfly and damselfly identification and information and the guide’s laminated surface can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.


Guide to the 28 dragonfly and 16 damselfly species found in Britain

Colourful 12 panel folding chart

Separate images for male and female forms

Information on life cycles

Weatherproof laminated finish

Produced by the Field Studies Council

Dragonflies and damselflies are fascinating insects and this guide helps to identify the 44 species that are found in Britain.

product code: FG13
Field Guide - Dragonflies & Damselflies

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